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Turistična kmetija
Turistična kmetija
Turistična kmetija
Turistična kmetija
Turistična kmetija
Turistična kmetija
Turistična kmetija pri Martinovih
Globočice 8
8262 Krška vas
Tel:: +386 7 49 61 057
Tel:: +386 7 49 61 067
Mobile:: +386 41 381 271
Latitude: 45.86
Longitude: 15.57
Informacije in rezervacije
Visit us and feel life as it once was.
Wooden house Martinovi has an old tradition at least 250 -300 years and is under monument protection. Former Martin genera were investing all effort in the enlargement and progress of the farm.
It would not be fair to them if they abandoned farming.

It soon became clear that agricultural production itself is no longer profitable and the need to seek additional activities where urgent. It was decided to restore the old wooden houses for tourist activity.

Orientation of tourist farm Martinovi is produce as much homemade food and prepare it by old peasant recipies for guests and to show way of life as it once was.

Whole family

There is a lot of exciting and interesting sites in our region.
For example one, can go to Čateške Toplice (6 km away), go swimming, fishing or maybe even go boating as the river Krka is near by. Also our guest can go hiking to nearby hills and vineyards, especially interesting is the path through the chestnut forest to Veliki Cirnik.
If our guest is a hunter or would like to become one, we can organize hunts on different kind of animals (deer,stag, wild boar).
Our guest can also experience the life on a farm, as we give them an opportunity to feed animals (sheep, pigs, chickens), work in our vineyards, looking for mushrooms, ...
We are always happy and willing to spend different traditional holidays (Christmas, martinovanje, pustovanje, vintage,...) with you.

Please feel free to contact us.
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